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A8 Project Management Information System (PMIS)
Intelligently manage project information, workflows & handover

What is A8 PMIS?

The A8 Project Management System, as a single source of truth, acts as a project-focused Information System, with configurable Workflows, Reporting, and multiple types of Dashboards to track and monitor your construction progress along with your internal and external team working with you on a single project or portfolio projects.

Instant Install Configuration

Users can access a huge template library for immediate use of document templates for various information processes in the aspects of: Correspondence, Revised documents and transmittals, Submissions, Commercial/contracts, QA related, Process Support.

Tailored For You

We can tailor the PMIS to your needs – customising document templates, registers or numbering structures based on the company’s document templates; customising process controls and alerts based on the company staff’s roles and responsibilities; customising dashboards and reports to support decision making; The user interface can be customised to your needs.

Not just a single platform for your documents

We don’t just provide a platform for all documents but all your project-related data: Conversations, Site Inspection, BIM, Media, Drawings, Transmittals, Submissions, Routing, Cross Referencing – accessible via your laptops, tablets and phone.

Not just for a single project

The PMIS doesn’t just cater to a single project but has the capability to include multiple projects, regardless of scale or progress. It can also cater to different stakeholders – internal team and external partners such as architects, subcontractors etc.

Role-based configuration

Users are provided a focussed menu upon login, configured based on the company’s security hierarchy system where it can categorise users based on: Business entity within the enterprise; Project(s); Project Team or External; Company; Individual where users can only see information they are permitted to view.

Searching made easy

This is further assisted by the power search which is allows search operators such as AND, OR. It is also not limited by the nature of documents – not just word files but even PDF.

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