A8 OpenCDE

by Aptiv8

Your own central storage

Single Source of Truth for the Entire Organisation

A8 Open CDE features a feature-rich portfolio management platform. Our platform’s regional hub is able to connect all your branches to all your projects.

A8 OpenCDE enables you to integrate and keep ownership of all your information and data.

Our OpenCDE supports ISO 19650

A Multi-Platform CDE powered by AI

A8 OpenCDE provides a universal data system for asset’s lifecycle management

OpenCDE integrates with our other smart construction solutions as well to provide a powerful suite of solutions for your needs

A8 OpenCDE is fully responsive, allowing you to access our powerful platform from any device

A8 OpenCDE Platform Features

  • A8 OpenCDE Mobile Artificial Intelligence

    Rich Integration with chatbot applications like Skype to run OpenCDE from mobile platforms. Functions like IoT source, Drawing, Model, Approval Doc, Submission etc. can be accessed from chatbot applications using OpenCDE

  • A8 OpenCDE Remote Collaboration

    A8 OpenCDE supports Safe Distancing with Remote Collaboration. Our platform is a breakthrough space conference coordination system for the construction industry. We also support low-bandwidth environment for online browsing and collaboration of BIM models and CAD drawings in multiple regions.

and many more…

Multi-end remote synchronization browsing

Model view & 2D/3D Synchronization

Comments, BIM Models & File Management & Access Controls

A8 OpenCDE's Awards and Accolades

  • Best Road & Bridge Award, 2019

    Master Vendor BIM Services Provider, 3D Modeling, 4D Simulation, Animation, Visualization etc. Training Provider

  • Best BIM Award, 2014

    Master Vendor BIM Services Provider, 3D Modeling, 4D Simulation, Animation, Visualization etc.

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