Start your Industry 5.0 Journey with I/0 Sense

A powerful and flexible IoT platform with a gamut of impact features that are customized and configured to redefine operations and decision intelligence

Connect Anything

Monitor and control assets, analyze data from various sensors and equipment to draw valuable insights​

Access Multiple Applications

Leverage built-in analytics, features, and AI-powered insights to intelligently manage energy, water, assets and processes.

Grow with I/O Sense

Leverage the flexibility, configurability, and compute modules of I/O Sense to intelligently expand your digital transformation​

Focus on Sustainable Infrastructure Operations

Identify cost improvement areas in the utilization of utilities such as energy, water, steam, compressed air, chilled water, etc. Optimize the efficiency of boilers, chillers, compressors, HVAC systems, and DGs

Increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by implementing AI-powered predictive insights on vibration and other process data to detect failures in their early stages.

Improve machine availability, performance, and quality with advanced data science and golden batch analysis on cost factors, sensor data, operator activities, and quality data.

A smart platform that helps achieve compliance with environmental, ESG, CO2 footprint, air quality, operator safety, groundwater, effluent discharge, and other regulatory requirements.

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