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Newly established A8 Smart Digital Academy


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A8 Smart Digital Academy

We recently launched our A8 Smart Digital Academy to train our BIM personnel to use the software more effectively in the BIM projects. We are also the Authorized Autodesk Training Center and our trainers are all certified to train and guide the students in the use of the Autodesk software to help them in their BIM project or get certified as Autodesk Certified User or Autodesk Certified Professional.

Are you worry about the cost for hardware, software, or even training for your BIM projects? Don’t worry, we are providing a comprehensive service that provides software, hardware, and training. This way, we are able to provide you the most competitive pricing for this one-stop services.

Why do we want to create a learning environment for the Built Environment Professional?

Here at Smart Digital Academy, our goal is to help the industry move forward in terms of BIM Implementation. A learning environment is created to have a platform for individuals and companies to better enhance themselves in the aspect of BIM knowledge. A heightened BIM knowledge would affect the industry positively, the scale ranging from individual to project levels to even company-wide levels.

How do our courses differ from other training centers in the market?

Smart Digital Academy provides two types of courses: Certification Courses and Project Application Courses. Certification Courses are grouped as courses that provides training to prepares our learners for the Certification Exams. Project Application Courses are grouped as courses that provides targeted training programs such as Titleblock creation, Clash Detection workflows, and BIM Implementation Plan creation.

I already know how to use the Autodesk Tools, why do I still need to attend the Certification Course or Project Application Course?

By attending courses provided by Smart Digital Academy, you will be certified in those specific courses that you have attended which would enrich your resume. A heightened sense of BIM knowledge would improve workflows in projects, which in turn would be aid in cost. Take it as a sort of return of investment.

There are plenty of project application courses you offer, how do I know which course suits me?

We also provide pre-consultation services to help tailor the training to your project needs and/or priorities.
This pre-consultation service is to help target the level of BIM knowledge in the individual and/or company.