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BIM Consultancy

Work with us to co-ordinate BIM across your entire project from the design, prefabrication, construction to operationscand maintenance phases. Our BIM professionals have unique specialisations in the Architectural, Structural, and Engineering disciplines.

A8 BIM Consultancy Service include:


Conceptual Design Stage

1. Develop and plan BIM requirements
2. Plan and provide BIM application management and training
3. Develop site model
4. Develop a proposed project model
5. Compare design options


Preliminary Design Stage

1. Plan and develop BIM execution plan
2. Plan and provide BIM application management and training
3. Multi-discipline BIM modeling
4. Clash detection and model analysis
5. BIM project coordination meetings
6. Headroom analysis
7. Footpath and circulation analysis


Construction Drawing Design Stage

1. Multi-discipline BIM modeling
2. Clash Detection and model analysis
3. Construction sequencing
4. Construction and installation detailing and model updates
5. BIM multi-party meetings
6. Design change management
7. Generating drawings
8. Constructability and feasibility analysis
9. Pipe details
10. Headroom optimization Installation details


Tendering and Construction Management Stage

1. Multi-discipline BIM model optimisation
2. Construction design details and model update
3. Prefabrication
4. Concealed and embedded element analysis
5. Logistic and storage allocation
6. 4D Simulation and Flythrough
7. Construction Sequencing
8. Construction design details and model update
9. Electromechanical details


Completion and Maintenance Stage

1. BIM As-Built model
2. Multi-Party training to view and inspect BIM model
3. Data extraction
4. Space management
5. Assets management

A8 BIM Service include:​

BIM Model Development based on drawing & project info

All available information and drawings will be incorporated into Single Source of Truth -nD BIM models

Retrieve information & produce deliveries from BIM Models

Refinement of BIM model based on new input from lead consultant for better coordination and alignment with other stakeholders

Quality Assurance, coordination & interoperation

Maintain a well interoperability throughout the entire project lifecycle

4D BIM Construction Sequencing & Simulation

By incorporating the project program to the BIM model, any delay or affecting factors of construction progress can be detected & predicted in real-time basis

5D BIM Quantity Take-Off & Costing

To align the resource demand with schedule, for better resource management, budget allocation and tracking

6D BIM Asset Information

Integrating asset information to make the building operation more sustainable and intelligent

Smart Asset Management & Operation

Building equipments and relevant information can be retrieved directly from the 6D BIM model for a more trackable operation & maintenance record

Digital Twin

It is a digital representation of the physical asset, where all the actual building's performance, analyses and devices will be mirrored for intelligent control, so to achieve optimised output

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