Onfly by BIM&CO

Onfly by BIM&CO

The cutting-edge BIM data / Content Management Platform to manage construction/ Built Environment BIG Data

Validate & Share

Distributes components easily across your teams and projects with validation workflows


Update your components to always work with the last version


Drive standards and consistency across projects


Translate for different language or project requirements

Onfly for AEC

Build & manage your private bim library

Onfly for AEC is a cloud-based toolbox for hosting and sharing families among studios and agencies. It is so much more than a basic Revit family browser, a data management system or your regular BIM content manager. Share content seamlessly across all disciplines and raise your construction projects to a new level of efficiency.

1) Boost your BIM team productivity

2) Make smarter decisions

3) Be connected to the single source of truth

Onfly for manufacturers

Unleash your product data potential

Onfly for Manufacturers allows you to empower your content with compatible data that can be used with any software. Showcase, manage and update your product data, share your products’ digital twins to unlock new opportunities, and stay connected to the building lifecycle!

1) No repetitive modeling

2) Teamwork

3) Synchronised content updating

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Senior Sales Manager - BIM Services
Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) &
Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Senior BIM Manager
Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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